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Coronavirus Further Exposes Need for Controlled eCommerce Channels Webinar
April 17, 2020     |     1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET 

An educational discussion incorporating all disciplines necessary for brands to control online sales in a constantly changing environment.

The speed and force with which online marketplaces have disrupted commerce has caught many brands and their traditional sales channels off guard. COVID-19 and its effects on the global economy have exacerbated these changes.


While many companies have experimented with tactics to address this disruption, the complexity of the new commerce paradigm leaves many brand executives confused, frustrated and unclear about how to deal with the challenges they and their channels now face.

A key to gaining control of online sales is understanding the new operating environment and the pitfalls of remaining idle. This webinar is designed specifically to help internal stakeholders learn about the business and legal strategies critical to controlling online marketplace sales to protect brand equity and improve both revenue and profit.

This discussion is co-hosted by BWG Connect and Vorys eControl.
RSVP is Required. There is no cost to join and there will be no sales pitches permitted.


  • COVID-19 and its effects on Marketplace Dynamics. We will review online marketplace trends that have emerged as a result of the global pandemic, the pressure this is creating for brands and how brands should approach the increasingly critical eCommerce and the online marketplace channel in particular from a control perspective.
  • Data Driven Business Impact Assessment. We will examine metrics to determine the impact of companies’ online marketplace challenges, including impediments to not only online sales growth, but also brand equity, the willingness of channels to invest, and general interference with the brand’s overall sales and profit growth.
  • Channel Strategies and Management Considerations. We will highlight a number of considerations relating to channel strategies and channel management practices that may be exacerbating online sales and brick-and-mortar issues during this time of uncertainty, how Amazon places great pressure on a brand’s ability to control its sales and why fragmented approaches (i.e., MAP policies, scary letters and marketplace takedown tactics) fail to solve the problem.
  • Case Studies. We will highlight case studies of brands that have gained control and grown their sales and profits.


eControl Education Webinars are led by facilitators with extensive legal, eCommerce and channel management experience.

Daren vorys

Daren Garcia 

Partner, Vorys eControl


Moderated By:


Aaron Conant

Managing Director, BWG Connect


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