Road to Recovery - Real Time Data on eCommerce Sales &

Online Shopper Behavior - Part 3/3

May 19, 2020   |   11:00am - 12:00pm EDT

BWG Connect invites you to participate in a unique 3 Part Series on the current global impact of COVID-19. Hear Real Time Data from marketing leaders in the industry, not sales people, about ways retailers can navigate through this evolving situation.

There is no cost to join. There are no Sales Pitches or Presentations.
This event is for active Retail Industry Professionals only. No Service Providers.

This event is co-hosted by BWG Connect and NetElixir.



Udayan Bose 2


Udayan Bose
Founder & CEO of NetElixir, Inc.
NetElixir helps online marketers acquire customers profitably through efficiently managed digital marketing solutions. They are able to build a global service delivery model that delivers maximum value to their clients.


  • Let the Data Dictate Direction - A path to a successful recovery
  • Special Insight Share - What are the top performing products within different retail categories & classification based on the consumer value pyramid
  • Purchase behaviors & trends of "new" online shoppers
  • Real time analysis of daily online sales metrics for 7 retail categories(Women’s Apparel, Home Improvement, Tools and Hardware, Food & Gourmet, Gifting, Equine Supply and Home Furnishings)
  • Impact of COVID-19 on online shopper behavior, conversion rates & eCommerce sales
  • Significant trends identified across the categories
  • Key eCommerce Metrics
  • Checklist for digital marketers
  • Update on Hand Sanitizers - Are they still a "hot product"

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May 19, 2020  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT



roundtable_icon Q&A with Udayan Bose & BWG Connect
  Real time data on online shopper behavior eCommerce Sales
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  Key eCommerce Metrics & Checklist for digital marketers
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